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FIRST  1991  Remastered by Joe Pasquetti

Primo lavoro solista registrato nel 1991 suonando tutti gli strumenti principali come indicato.

Andrea Braido: 

Ludwig drums/electric bass fretted & fretless/classic,acoustic and electric guitars/percussions/programming keyboards song 3/guitar sinth.

Special guest, : Rudy Trevisi, alto sax/ soprano sax songs :  1-4-9.

Remastered: Giovanni “Joe” Pasquetti

cover concept & design: Leonardo Braido

all compositions by Andrea Braido

Track List:

1) I Love Miles
2) Braido Blues
3) Oltre le Mie Mete
4) Love
5) Cat Eye’s
6) Nigthly World
7) Prime Ore a New York
8) Funky Waltz
9) If You Will Live With Me
10) Coleman Moment
11) A Little Song


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