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Nathaniel Peterson/Andrea Braido : “Note for the Soul”


Nathaniel Peterson e Andrea Braido in un Doppio disco live registrato in Austria nel 2011 in presa diretta.

Nathaniel Peterson and Andrea Braido in a live double album recorded in Austria in 2011 live.

N. Peterson: bass/voice/composer

A.Braido: el.guitar/arrangements



  1. Do da Do (Willie Dixon)
  2. Stand by Me (J.Leiber/M.Stoller/B. King)
  3. My Love (N. Peterson)
  4. Mothers Child (N. Peterson)
  5. Trill is Gone (L.Brown/R.Henderson)
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man (W. Dixon)
  7. Angelina (N.Peterson)
  8. Think it Over (N.Peterson)
  9. You can’t make Peace (N. Peterson)
  10. Feel like crying (N.Peterson)
  11. Crossfire (N.Peterson)
  12. How Many Years (N.Peterson)
  13. Hey Joe (B. Roberts)
  14. Backdoor man (W. Dixon)
  15. Killing Floor (H. Wolf)






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