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Project Idea:
“Origins”, namely the initial inspiration, is born while listening to some vinyls enchanting me first, then morbidly calling me to pay attention to details.
Such Music, obviously, is but a small part of all I have listened to, studied and played up to date, yet it has been essential to ignite and drive my unlimited passion for the guitar – while I was still a drummer.
Voices: Gianluca Manca
Keyboars/sound Chef/arranger: Carlo Giardina
Drums/basses/guitars/arranger/assistant mix: Andrea Braido
Varius drummer.
Braidus Home Studio: pre-productions/bass/guitars
Bach Studio: drums/Keyboards/voices/mix
Mastering: Giovanni Pasquetti
Cover concept & graphics : Andrea BraidoTracks List:Stranger To Himself
South California Purples
Comfortably Numb
Can You See Me
Peaches & Diesel
Windy Meadows (A.Braido)
Maybe A Leo
The Pump
We’re Not Gonna Take You
Memory (A. Braido)


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