Origins – 2018 – 13°

Project Idea:
“Origins”, namely the initial inspiration, is born while listening to some vinyls enchanting me first, then morbidly calling me to pay attention to details.
Such Music, obviously, is but a small part of all I have listened to, studied and played up to date, yet it has been essential to ignite and drive my unlimited passion for the guitar – while I was still a drummer.
“Chicago Transit Authority/Machine Head/John Barleycorn Must Die/Smash Hits/Tommy” were the start, to which “There & Back/The Wall/Slow Hand” followed. All this happened when I was between 13 and 16 years old.
For this project, I could lean on Carlo Giardina’s precious collaboration as co-producer, sound technician and keyboard player.
Particularly, I arranged all the songs, played the bass and the acoustic, classical and electric guitars.
I also play my beloved drums in three tracks… the drums from where it all began.
The two unpublished tracks, “Memory” and “Windy Meadows”, are compositions of mine that contain and tell about various parts of my life.

Various drummers were present as well as Andrea Braido himself, such as Niclas Compagnon and Roberto Segala.

Enjoy !

Voices: Gianluca Manca
Keyboars/sound Chef/arranger: Carlo Giardina
Drums/basses/guitars/arranger/assistant mix: Andrea Braido
Braidus Home Studio: pre-productions/bass/guitars
Bach Studio: drums/Keyboards/voices/mix
Mastering: Giovanni Pasquetti
Cover concept & graphics : Andrea Braido

Tracks List:

  1. Stranger To Himself
  2. South California Purples
  3. Comfortably Numb
  4. Can You See Me
  5. Peaches & Diesel
  6. Windy Meadows (A.Braido)
  7. Maybe A Leo
  8. The Pump
  9. We’re Not Gonna Take You
  10. Memory (A. Braido)


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